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Champion Award Winner

Quality Champion Award

There are 3 categories of the Award: Platinum, Gold and Silver.

Quality Champion Award aims to honour outstanding individuals who have demonstrated significant contribution in the field of quality (for example outstanding promotional activities, innovation in approach, promotion, effective application of quality tools etc.) in any sector.

  1. Individuals from any sector/organization , who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the Quality principles through its application , management, promotion etc to elevate Quality in any sphere.
  2. For Indian Nationals, having at least 10 years of professional experience.
  3. Candidate should not be convicted by any court for any irregularities.

  4. Note : QCI Employees , professionals on the payroll of QCI and QCI Board Members are not eligible to apply

There is no Application Fee.

  1. Education and Skills(pertaining to Quality and other related areas) : Type and level of education acquired and the type and number of specific professional qualifications attained.
  2. Relevant projects and assignments with significant results/achievements through the application of quality related concepts/methods .
  3. Key Professional management positions including organization wide responsibility for a major quality function.
  4. Quality Related presentations made in seminars, webinars, conferences etc.
  5. Quality related articles/paper/book published.
  6. Contribution in establishing/improving quality in various aspects like :
    1. Contribution to the Organization and Stakeholders including the horizontal deployment to other processes and units.
    2. Innovation in approach , Innovation in application of Quality tools and techniques, any patent(s).
    3. Upgradation / development through soft intervention(training/mentoring services)
    4. Technology / digital interventions.
    5. Benefits to society/Quality of life.
  7. Recognition/accolades related to leadership, operations excellence, quality and performance improvement etc, peer and public recognition, any honorary title etc.
  8. Reccomendation(s)/Nomination(s) for the applicant.

The team of experts will carry out the assessment of the applications submitted.

The applications will undergo the following phases of assessment

  1. All online applications can be self nominating or may have a nominating authority (e.g. an organization or a proposer at a senior management position or having a stand in the field of Quality ).
  2. All applications received will be initially scrutinized for completeness and adequacy of the applications.
  3. Assessors team will be formed for assessment of application.
  4. Shortlisted applications (after step 3) will be evaluated and scored by the assessment team.
  5. The recommendation list will be reviewed by QCI Jury and the Awardees will be finalized.


    • Apart from this no other certificate shall be issued to the unsuccessful applicants.
    • During the assessment process when no suitable candidate is found to be eligible, no award shall be given.

The names/number of the applicants and the scoring system developed for the assessment process will be regarded as proprietary and kept confidential. Such information shall be made available only to those individuals who will be directly involved in the assessment and administrative process and shall not be disclosed to the Public. The names of the successful applicants shall be displayed on the website after the distribution of awards.